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SaNiTy Tips

I am hosting a family researcher workshop at my Oklahoma City home next weekend.  This is a result of several of my friends having a misguided interest into my genealogy obsession.  They, too, think they might want to start poking … Continue reading

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Not an endorsement…just searcher’s find.

As I continue to wade into family history (involving a damned search of Irish immigrants to South Carolina…not Martin/Bishop related), I did find this website where they inexpensively sell genealogy books pertaining to certain surnames.  I think they have 20,000+ … Continue reading

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Footnote to the Story

Just when I thought I could put this blog to bed….Samuel Fuller is my 9th great grandfather and was born in Redenhall, Norfolk, England April 8, 1612. He came to Plymouth with his father, Edward Fuller and mother, name unknown, … Continue reading

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From the Distance: April 2011

I have spent a year – 365 days – researching Alice Martin Bishop.  363 years ago, she murdered Martha.  This span of time has not made it any clearer why she killed.  There are no “right” answers. We do not … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: More Motivation Theories

As I prepare to conclude AMB’s story, I ran across several research pieces that I had not yet incorporated into the blog and are intriguing to consider. Hoffer writes about the AMB case: The trouble the colony took to try … Continue reading

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Alice’s Heirs

35 million Americans claim descent from Mayflower Pilgrims even though just 51 survived that first year. On July 11, 1666, Alice’s youngest daughter, Damaris Bishop, married William Sutton (born 1641 in Scituate, Plymouth).   Their children were Alice (born May 13, … Continue reading

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Help a Genealogist: Unresolved Issues from the AMB Case

When I began this blog, it was with the intent of recreating Alice Martin Bishop’s life.  I have spent a year now combing primary sources but am nothing more than a self-absorbed family historian.  I am eager to hear from … Continue reading

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