Footnote to the Story

Just when I thought I could put this blog to bed….Samuel Fuller is my 9th great grandfather and was born in Redenhall, Norfolk, England April 8, 1612. He came to Plymouth with his father, Edward Fuller and mother, name unknown, on the Mayflower.  Samuel’s parents died the first winter in Plymouth Bay.  Therefore, Samuel Fuller would have been an orphan like Alice Martin and just eight years old.

Samuel Fuller married Jane Lathrop who arrived in Boston in 1634 with her widowed father, Rev. John Lathrop.  I have some investigating to do because surely Samuel Fuller knew Alice Martin as only a few dozen people survive that first Plymouth winter.  Samuel Fuller died in Barnstable, MA on 31 October 1683.

The backstory for my lineage goes like this: Samuel Fuller is my 9th great grandfather on my maternal grandmother CARRIER’s side (also related to executed-for-witchcraft Martha Allen Carrier). Samuel had a son known as “Little John” Fuller (1656-1712). Little John’s daughter was Mehitable Fuller (1706-1738) who had a daughter, Phebe Kneeland (1730-1793).  Phebe Kneeland married Amos Carrier (1722-1793) and Amos is the grandson of Martha Allen Carrier (1650-1692).

Alice Martin Bishop is my 10th great grandmother on my paternal grandfather TAYLOR’s side.  Her daughter, Damaris had Joseph Sutton (1660-1753) and he had Joseph Sutton, Jr.  (1690-1769). Junior had William Sutton (1733-1770) who had Alice Sutton (1760-1830) who had Dorcas Cornell (1796-1890) who had Hannah Howell (1825-1895). Hannah Howell had Lucius Herbert Taylor (1847-1914), a Michigan Union soldier who injured a Confederate soldier in Vicksburg and escorted the young man home out of guilt.  LHT settled in Yazoo County, Mississippi married Nancy Ella Fears (very likely a cousin of the injured Confederate soldier LHT escorted) and that is how, via the Mayflower, I became a southern girl.  I wear the wedding ring that Lucius Taylor gave Nancy Ella Fears.


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4 Responses to Footnote to the Story

  1. Howdy distant cousin! Alice was my 8th great grandmother. I did a blog about her last year:

    I look forward to reading more of the story on your blog!

  2. What a family treasure you have in your wedding ring!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  3. Ivy Voss says:

    Most interesting. I am a great-granddaughter of Lucius H. Taylor and Nancy Ella Fears, through their son, my grandfather, Walter C. Taylor. I have a (wedding ?) photo of Lucius H. and Nancy Ella . I have a photo of Walter with his mother (Nancy Ella) taken when she was in her 90’s, after WWII, and also have photos of Hannah Howell, and others in this line.

    • Hi cousin…of some sort! I think I have the same photo although mine is a porr quality xerox. Are you on Ancestry — because all of my stuff is there? LHT and EF are my great-greats on the side of my paternal grandfather Marion Taylor.

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